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Ultra Low-Step Alloy

Battery & Motor:

9Ah 36v Rack Battery, 250w 36v Rear Hub Motor


24" Alloy


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Designed to suit and benefit all walks of life. The AMCargoBikes Adult Electric Tricycle is the perfect bridge to gap that un-justified driving commute or short errand run.

Mobility for the masses. Whether you love a cycle but just aren’t comfortable on 2 wheels and need that added stability, if a bicycle just doesnt support enough luggage, or perhaps you’re not quite as mobile and you once were and need something stable that you can mount & dismount easily, there are so many benefits of such a machine. Maintaining the 9Ah battery & 250w front hub motor seen on the Deluxe Cargo Bike, you can expect up to 25 miles from a charge, of course dependant on conditions and the level of assistance used. You can toggle between 6 power modes using the LCD display/control unit, which paired with the 7 speed Shimano gearing system allows you to adapt as your journey does.

Utilising 24″ wheels to offer the right balance between agility, comfort and pace. Supported by a twin brake system (V-Brake front, Axle Disc rear).

Finished with appropriate backswept handlebars, full mudguards, a chainguard, and comfort saddle.


  • Quick-release for rapid height adjustment of the bike seat
  • Large basket in the back of the bike
  • High-quality front- and rear fenders
  • Chain cover
  • Bell
  • Several reflectors

To Summarise:


Ultra Low-Step Alloy Tricycle Frame

Making hopping on & off as easy as possible, no matter your height or physical ability.

250w Brushless ‘Low-Energy Consumption’ Rear Hub Motor

A hub motor is a great option for a tricycle, mostly due to it’s consistent power delivery that only relies on a turn of the pedals. This means that as long as the cranks are turning, the motor is engaging… you don’t have to apply much pressure to get that needed boost!

9Ah Rear Rack Mounted Battery

Discreetly integrated within the handy rear pannier rack, boasting a 25 mile range & chargeable using your mains plug!

Large LCD Handlebar Mounted Screen & Controls

Mounted right where you want it, the LCD screen alters level of assistance, and monitors battery life & more!

Shimano Tourney 6 Speed Gearing

Working harmoniously with the power assistance to make child’s play of various terrains and inclines.

Dual Braking System

A larger machine requires relative stopping power, so AMCargo have included a responsive V-Brake at the front, and an axle mounted disc brake at the rear.

24″ Wheels & Puncture Proof Tyres

A happy medium. Small enough to offer agility, large enough to iron out the inevitable cracks in the road. Puncture resistant tyres minimise the risk of a far-out flat!

technical specifications

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  • Motor: 250w Brushless, ‘Low-Energy Consumption & No Noise’
  • Battery: 9Ah 36v Li-Ion, Anti-Theft Lock, Rear Stay Mounted
  • Charger: Intelligent TURBO charger
  • Walking Power Assist Mode: Yes
  • Frame: Ultra Low-Step
  • Brakes: Promax V-Brake Front, Axle Disc Rear
  • Gearing: Shimano Tourney SIS, 7 Speed
  • Crank: Maintenance-free aluminum
  • Wheels: 24″
  • Tyres: Kenda Puncture Resistant, 24″
  • Weight: 24KG
  • Load Capacity: 120KG
  • Battery Range: 9Ah 36v – Up to 25 Miles*

* This will vary depending on the weight of the user, terrain and mode of pedal assistance used.

AMCargoBikes Low Step Adult Electric Tricycle, 24″ Wheel – Black

Designed to suit and benefit all walks of life. The AMCargoBikes Adult Electric Tricycle is the perfect bridge to gap that un-justified driving commute or short errand run.

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